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Alphabetical Listings for South Carolina Historical Sites,
Civil War Forts and Battlefields, Plantations, and Societies

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South Carolina Historical Sites
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This Home Page is about history of Allendale County, SC, family, horses, and interesting points and places here.

Allendale Expedition
The Allendale Paleoamerican Expedition is a volunteer field program where members of the public can register for a week, or more, and help excavate one of North America's most ancient archaeological sites associated with several prehistoric chert quarries

Ashley River
It's been said that when compared to the major rivers of the United States, the importance of the Ashley River is in inverse proportion to its length.

Avery Research Center
A historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, located near Charleston, South Carolina, Drayton Hall is the oldest preserved plantation house in America that is open to the public.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Battle of Cowpens Gafney
The Battle of Cowpens took place in the latter part of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution and of the Revolution itself. It became known as the turning point of the war in the South, part of a chain of events leading to Patriot victory at Yorktown.

Beaufort South Carolina
HBF was organized in 1967 by a group that earlier banded together in the 1940s to save the Lafayette Building, as HBF's flagship historic property, the John Mark Verdier House, was then known.

Boone Hall Plantation
Boone Hall is one of America's oldest working plantations. We have been continuously growing and producing crops for over 320 years.

Burt-Stark Mansion
The Burt-Stark Mansion is a historical Civil Ware landmark

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Camden Revolutionary Site
Camden, the oldest existing inland town in the state, was part of a township plan ordered by King George II in 1730. The frontier settlement took hold by the 1750s, as Quakers and Scots-Irish emigrants and settlers from Virginia put down roots.

Historic Charleston Foundation is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to preserving the historical, architectural and cultural integrity of Charleston and its historic environs. Learn more!

Charleston Black Heritage
Charleston Black Heritage is the complete source for information on one of the most historic cities - Charleston, SC - in the United States.

Charlestons Buildings
The National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places and the City of Charleston, South Carolina, proudly invite you to discover Historic Charleston's Religious and Community Buildings.

Charleston by Night
Charleston Points of Interest.Charleston has a wealth beautiful and historic homes, which invite visitors to step back into the city's genteel past.

Columbia History
Columbia was established because the farmers in the Piedmont wanted the seat of government moved from Charleston to the center of the state.

Congaree Swamp
Welcome to the Friends of Congaree Swamp web page. We are fortunate to be stewards of not only a wonderful local resource, but of the nation's newest National Park and an International Biosphere Reserve, known worldwide.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Drayton Hall
A historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, located near Charleston, South Carolina, Drayton Hall is the oldest preserved plantation house in America that is open to the public.

Dunklin House
Washington Williams built this house in 1812 as a wedding gift to his daughter. One of the oldest homes in the city it is now owned by the Laurens County Landmark Foundation.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Earthquake of 1886
On the night of August 31, 1886, shortly after 10:00pm, the Charleston area experienced the Great Earthquake of 1886. This was the most disastrous event in the city's history.

East Town Neighborhood
We're so glad you've found us - we've got a great neighborhood and we're always happy to share it with others. So come take a tour of our web site and find out just what makes us such a great place! We'll fill you in on our history, events and happenings around the neighborhood, where we are in the world, and what types of businesses and other amenities you'll find both here and nearby.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Fort Sumter
America's most tragic conflict ignited at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, when a chain reaction of social, economic and political events exploded into civil war.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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As the state's third oldest city, Georgetown dates back to 1729 when the town was laid out by Elisha Screven. The four-by-eight block grid is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Granville Plantation
The old Dicks home, as it was known by the old folks around Beech Island for over a hundred and fifty years, was built in 1840 by Alfred N. Dicks, the son of Johnathan Dicks and Lucy Stone Dicks, and the great grandson of John Dicks and Mary Gascoigne Dicks.

Greenville County
In 1765, Greenville consisted of a trading post and a gristmill built by Richard Pearis. The area largely consisted of a few settlers and a lot of Cherokee Indians.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Historic Columbia Foundation
A city leader in heritage tourism, Historic Columbia Foundation provides daily house museum tours, walking tours and guided bus tours of Columbia's cultural and historical assets.

Historic Rock Hill
We're glad you found us! At Historic Rock Hill, our mission is to preserve and protect the historic resources of Rock Hill, South Carolina and enhance the livability of its historic areas.

Historic South End
Escape the madness of the malls and rediscover the charm of small town in Historic South End.

The Historic White Home
The White Home - the first home built in Rock Hill, SC, and the birthplace of our city! Historic Rock Hill is currently working to restore this treasure and preserve it for future generations! This is the largest, most comprehensive restoration project for our group to date.

History of Belton
The Piedmont area of South Carolina prior to its settlement by European and American immigrants was inhabited by the Cherokee Indians and with the signing of the Hopewell Treaty in 1785, the Indian population was forced to leave the Piedmont and relocate.

A lookout aboard the Union Navy's largest ship was tired, cold -- but restless. Talk of a Confederate secret weapon was in and out of his thoughts. Suddenly he spotted something move in the chilly waters.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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60 Seconds of Irmo History - Video

South Carolina Historical Sites
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South Carolina Historical Sites
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Kings Mountain National Military Park commemorates a pivotal and significant victory by American Patriots over American Loyalists during the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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South Carolina Historical Sites
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Magnolia Palntations
Listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the U. S. Department of the Interior, stately Magnolia Plantation has, for over three centuries, been the original ancestral home of the Drayton family.

Middleton Place
National Historic Landmark and a carefully preserved 18th-century plantation that has survived revolution, Civil War, and earthquake.

A website dedicated to preserving the memories and character of the families and community of Millett, South Carolina. Your contributions of stories, photos, letters, reminiscences are invited!

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Ninety Six
The Ninety Six National Historic Site is an area of unique historical significance. The unusual name was given by early traders in the 1700's because they mistakenly believed it was the estimated number of miles to the Cherokee village of Keowee in the upper South Carolina foothills.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Old Exchange
Few buildings reflect Charleston, South Carolina's early history as effectively as the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon. Considered to be one of the three most historically significant Colonial buildings in the United States.

Overmountain Victory
Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail commemorates the campaign leading to the battle of Kings Mountain by following the Revolutionary War route of Patriot militia men.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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Palmetto Trust
Welcome to Palmetto Trust

Pendleton District
Welcome to the Historic Pendleton District of South Carolina. The Pendleton District invites you to explore the many wonders of our district.

Penn Center
Tucked in the heart of the South Carolina Sea Islands between glimmering marshes and deep water, nestled beneath the silvery moss draped limbs of massive live oaks, you will find the Penn Center - the site of one of the country's first school for freed slaves.

Preservation Society
Since 1920, The Preservation Society has been dedicated to preserving Charleston's unique architectural and cultural heritage.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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South Carolina Historical Sites
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Revolutionary War Trail
Historic research on the Lowcountry Revolutionary War Trail is ongoing and will probably carry on for many years into the future.

Rock Hill
This web site was created by 8th Grade students from Saluda Trail Middle School in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We created the Historic Sites of Rock Hill web site to celebrate Rock Hill's 150 Sesquicentennial Birthday.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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SC Cotton Trail
Discover the Old South. Ramble through historic towns and byways, following the thread cotton has woven through more than two centuries of Southern life.

SC Department of Archives
The department houses one of the most comprehensive state archival collections in the nation, spanning more than 325 years of South Carolina history.

SC Heritage Corridor
The 240 miles and fourteen counties that comprise the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor provide a cross-section of the landscape, history, and culture of South Carolina.

SC Historical Society
In 1855 some of South Carolina's most distinguished citizens came together to record and preserve the past-for the sake of the future. Motivating them was the fear that if they did not act, South Carolina's rich historical legacy would be lost to future generations.

South Carolina Genealogy
South Carolina History and Genealogy from The SCGenWeb Project. Your link to your South Carolina roots!

South Carolina Plantations
Information about South Carolina plantations, including their location, history, land, crops, owners, slaves, buildings, and current status.

Southern Passages
Think of travel along the crescent of the southeastern seaboard coastline that stretches oceanside from Georgetown, South Carolina through Savannah and the Golden Isles of Georgia to New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Spartanburg County
The Spartanburg County Historical Association was founded with a mission to promote and encourage interest in all aspects of the history of Spartanburg.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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South Carolina Historical Sites
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USS Yorktown
USS Yorktown Association. The service and protection provided by the crew of the USS Yorktown over the years is our gift to all Americans.

South Carolina Historical Sites
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South Carolina Historical Sites
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South Carolina Historical Sites
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South Carolina Historical Sites
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South Carolina Historical Sites
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